Knot NxG 1.8.0 for Windows 10


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Knot is designed for people who have problems with spamiętaniem important dates and events. The program remembers and recalls them at the right moments. With the built-in tasks, the application allows you to automatically run programs, web pages and open documents. The tool also allows you to create and stick to your Windows desktop in the form of pop-up notes, and the look that you want. Forget it notes. Knot also allows you to automatically set the time and date of your computer to the server time, which he can choose. Knot will also check for you whether your email account is not waiting for any unclaimed mail. Built-in spam filter will allow you to quickly separated and the unwanted messages from those that want to take. Built-in latest Supełka a talking clock function causes the knot at certain times of speaking with a human voice! Of course you can set your own, up to 96 sounds at different times of the day.